Biesbosch onder Vuur / Biesbosch Under Fire

A story on true events. The last rough months of WW2 in the south of the Netherlands.

November 1944 – The south of the Netherlands is libarated from the germans. The north is still occupied. Nature area the Biesbosch is right in between.

After 16-year old Frank (Jelmer Ouwerkerk) finds out there is only medicin left for 3 more days for his sick sister he decides to take a dangerous trip to the liberated south. He plans to go through the roughlands of the Biesbosch, a place where the linecrossers rule and the Germans have little control.
Who can be trusted? The germans see the end coming, but for some this just is a reason to harden the battle.

Developed by Rinus Rasenberg, story (on true events) by Sander Offenberg.
Director: Hidde Simons

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