Coaching for acting in film & theater productions

Hidde Simons is a highly qualified acting coach. He provides professional input for every film-, theater- and crossmedia production. And all kinds of productions in between.

Hiddenways helps actors to be their character, instead of just play a part. A big difference. Yet this big difference lies in subtle details.

By researching different methods, in relation to acting as well as directing, Hidde Simons has acquired specialized skills and has founded Hiddenways. Hiddenways coaches actors towards a production as well as On Set. Hiddenways helps actors to show the vulnerability of their character and to truly become their character.


Hiddenways Services

– Revealing the hidden possibilities within acting through Creative Collaboration,
– (Assistance in-) Directing Actors,
– (help with-) Creating Rehearsal Plan,
– On Set Coaching (non-) actors,
– Casting / Casting advice,
– Discover, train and guide undiscovered talents,
– Masterclasses and Workshops and
– Actor Support.

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Hiddenways: +31 6 26 463 144

Added value

Do actors get enough guidance from the director? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Sometimes the technique and other facets of filming require the director’s attention. And sometimes the other actors need guidance. Think for example of supporting roles that have not had the preparation that the lead roles usually have had. Or ‘specials’ with limited film, acting and/or set experience. An extra hand is certainly not a luxury in these cases.

Hiddenways supports the director and helps ensure that the acting performances remain at a high level during the often hectic times of a production.
And yes, producers, fair is fair: an extra man on the set results in extra costs. But an extra investment often pays off.

Acting in service of production

Actors are brave people, because their profession makes them vulnerable: their body, mind and voice are their instruments. It doesn’t get more personal than that.
On top of this, their highly personal work has to serve the creative purpose of the production.

Because producers and directors have a wide range of tasks, it helps if there is someone who has an exclusive focus on the actors. Hiddenways supports the producer and director on the one hand and supports the actors on the other hand. Hiddenways does this in the run-up to the production as well as during the production.


Hidde Simons

Hidde Simons is the founder of Hiddenways.
He is a highly qualified acting coach and has years of experience working on a variety of sets, within varying functions. He still regularly works as a director and also has several credits as a producer. The advantage of this is that he can empathize with all the people who contribute to a production. This allows him to be the empathetic link between the production and the actors. There is nothing more gratifying than helping someone to discover their hidden talents and make them visible. Everyone benefits from that.


"Working with Hidde gives guarantees that you get the most out of a scene. Especially when there is minimal time for rehearsals”

"As a director you have so much to think about. It's very nice when someone can support you with working with the actors.(...)

Hidde speaks the 'language' of actors... He almost acts as an interpreter."

"Hidde directed me with benevolence, insight and accuracy, in a way that brought my performance to a level I didn't expect.

It was truly a rewarding and meaningful experience and I would certainly vouch for Hidde as a personal acting coach."

"Hidde knows how to lead me as an actor to get in to acting moment. That hight concentrate moment experience gives you chance to get deeper."

"The calmness Hidde can bring to a group and the clear tools he can provide ensure that even inexperienced or novice actors have enough set confidence to shine on the silver screen."

creative director scritpted @ NewBe


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